Archived Podcasts


Fajardo, Anika, Magical Realism for Non-Believers
Donnelly, Laura Ellen, Amberlough: A Novel


Barton, Tyler, The Quiet Part Loud
Carlson-Wee, Anders, The Low Passions
Chambers, Becky, Record of a Spaceborn Few
Chen, Mike, Here and Now and Then
Clark, P. Djeli, The Haunting of Tramcar 015
Dreyer, Benjamin, Dreyer’s English
Duncan, Rod, The Outlaw and the Upstart King
Engel, Laura Eve, Things That Go
Eskens, Allen, The Life We Bury and The Shadows We Hide
Fajardo-Anstine, Kali, Sabrina & Corina
Kunz, Edgar, Tap Out
Landvik, Lorna Chronicles of a Radical Hag: With Recipes
Pane, Salvatore, The Theory of Almost Everything
Polk, C.L., Witchmark
Pratt, Tim, The Dreaming Stars
Sotelo, Analicia Virgin
Tilney, Alexander The Expectations
Wortman, Jennifer, This. This. This. Is. Love. Love. Love.


Abdurraquib, Hanif, They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us
Aptowicz, Cristin O’KeefeHow to Love the Empty Air
Baker, Matthew, Hybrid Creatures
Berry, TJ, Space Unicorn Blues
Clark, P. Djeli, The Black God’s Drums
Dorney, Erin, I Am Not Famous Anymore
Dregni, Eric, You’re Sending Me Where?
Carey, M.R., Someone Like Me
Chan, Dorothy, Chinatown Sonnets
DeSaunders, DianeHap and Hazard and the End of the World
Duncan, Rod, Queen of All Crows
Guenette, Matthew, Vasectomania
Guzmán, Roy, Restored Mural for Orlando
Haynes, Paul, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark
Herbach, Geoff, Hooper
Homer, NicolePecking Order
Huang, NancyFavorite Daughter
Jacobs, John Hornor, The Sea Dreams It Is the Sky
Kelly, Devin, In This Quiet Church of Night I Say Amen
Lin, HartleyYoung Frances
Mancilla, DanAll the Proud Fathers
O’Dell, Claire, A Study in Honor
Orland, Kyle, The Game Beat
Otis, Abbey Mei, Alien Virus Love Disaster
Parker, Alan, Christmas in July
Rein, Joseph, Roads without Houses
Rossner, Rena, The Sisters of the Winter Wood
Samatar, Sofia, Monster Portraits
Scarano, Caitlin, Do Not Bring Him Water
Shapero, Natalie, Hard Child
Shaw, Vivian, Dreadful Company
Siddell, TomGunnerkrigg Court
Sloan, AishaDreaming of Ramadi in Detroit
Suri, TashaEmpire of Sand
Townsend, Alison, The Persistence of Rivers
Wang, JenThe Prince and the Dressmaker
Warner, Jim, Actual Miles
Wells, Martha, Exit Strategy
Wheeler, TedKings of Broken Things


Akbar, KavehPortrait of the Alcoholic (part 2)
Bachelder, ChrisThe Throwback Special 
Baumann, Ruth, Retribution Binary
Black, Candace, Whereabouts
Blix, Eric, Physically Alarming Men
Benedict, Helen, Wolf Season
Bomer, Paula Mystery and Mortality
Brewer, Carolyn, Changing the Tune: The Kansas City Women’s Jazz Festival, 1978-1985
Broderick, RichardJesus of Walmart
Cates, Donny, God Country
Colen, Elizabeth, What Weaponry
Cortese, Claudia, Wasp Queen
Crawford, Marisa, Reversible
Ervick, Kelcey Parker, The Bitter Life of Božena Němcová
Eskens, Allen, The Deep Dark Descending
Gerard, Sarah, Sunshine State
Higley, Alex, Old Open
Hilliard, Kamden, Perceived Distance from Impact
Hua, Vanessa Deceit and Other Possibilities
Jodzio, JohnKnockout
Ju, Siel, Cake Time
Knickerbocker, Sean, Killbuck
Lorberer, Eric, Twin Cities Book Festival
Maghbouleh, Neda, The Limits of Whiteness
Manning, JoeCertain Relevant Passages
Manning, Katie, Tasty Other
Manuel, DouglasTestify
Martinez, Juan, Best Worst American
Mauch, Matt, Bird Brain
McCormick, Chris, Desert Boys
McCrae, Shane, In The Language of My Captor
Morena, Anthony Michael The Voyager Record: A Transmission
Moshfegh, Ottessa Homesick for Another World
Mueller, Jenny, State Park
Murphy, Nora, White Birch, Red Hawthorn
Nao, Vi Khi, Fish in Exile
Obejas, Achy, The Tower of Achilles
Skinner, Woody A Thousand Distant Radios
Smith, Bud, Dust Bunny City
Young, ChuckThe Day We Lost Pet
Wolpé, SholehThe Conference of the Birds


Appel, Jacob M., Coulrophobia & Fata Morgana
Babine, Karen, Water and What We Know: Following the Roots of a Northern Life
Berkowitz, Amy, Tender Points
Bickmore, Lisa, flicker
Brewer, Peter, Strange Monsters [with Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam]
Brown, Rebbecca, They Become Her
Callaci, Allen, Heart Like a Starfish
Davis, Nicelle, The Walled Wife
Deese, Isadora, Right of Capture
Dominguez, Angel, Black Lavender Milk
Fanelli, Brian, Waiting for the Dead to Speak
Gautier, Amina, The Loss of All Lost Things
Gonzalez, Elizabeth, The Universal Physics of Escape
Gray, Amelia, Gutshot
Green, Sarah, Earth Science
Henry, Brian, Static & Snow
Herbach, Geoff, Anything You Want
Hicks, Dylan, Amateurs
Hyde, Allegra, Of This New World
Kilpatrick, Sean, Sucker June
Kirk, Tim, Burnt
Limón, Ada, Bright Dead Things
Lock, Norman, American Meteor
Lopez, Robert, Good People
Martin, Chris, The Falling Down Dance
McClanahan, Scott, The Incantations of Daniel Johnston
McIntosh, Sandy, A Hole in the Ocean: A Hamptons’ Apprencticeship
Montes, Lara Mimosa, Somnambulist
Nagamatsu, Sequoia, Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone
Okehi, Uzodinma, Over for Rockwell
Pokrass, Meg, The Dog Looks Happy Upside Down
Pritchard, Melisssa, A Solemn Pleasure: To Imagine, Witness, and Write
Renstrom, Joelle, Closing the Book: Travels in Life, Loss, and Literature
Robbins, Richard, Body Turn to Rain: New and Selected Poems
Schirmann, Kelly, Popular Music
Scott, Rion Amilcar, Insurrections
Shin, Sun Yung, Unbearable Splendor
Stone, Alison, Ordinary Magic
Stone, Bianca, Someone Else’s Wedding Vows
Stufflebeam, Bonnie Jo, Strange Monsters [with Peter Brewer]
Vargas, Cyn, On the Way
Victorine, Jacob, Flammable Matter
Welch, Tana Jean, Latest Volcano
Whitaker, Jennifer, The Blue Hour
Williford, Lex, Superman on the Roof
Willoughby, Jennifer, Beautiful Zero
Wiseman, Laura Madeline, An Apparently Impossible Adventure
Zegans, Marc, The Underwater Typewriter


Adcox, James Tadd, Does Not Love
Blakeslee, Vanessa, Juventud
Bloomfield, Luke, Russian Novels
Brown, Brandon, Top 40
Chen, Feng Sun, The 8th House
Ciccarello, Lisa, At Night
Clayton, Michael, The Dunning Man
Crabtree, Jamison, Rel[am]ent
Davis, Nicelle, In the Circus of You
Deming, Alison Hawthorne, Zoologies: On Animals and the Human Spirit
DeNiro, Alan, Tyrannia and Other Renditions
Ducornet, Rikki, The Deep Zoo
Durbin, William, Blackwater Ben
Edgar, Gordon, Cheddar: A Journey to the Heart of America’s Most Iconic Cheese
Elliott, Okla, The Cartographer’s Ink
Fiorentino, Jon Paul, I’m Not Scared of You or Anything
Foos, Laurie, The Blue Girl: A Novel
Forrest, Rosie, Ghost Box Revoluiton in Cadillac, Michigan
Fortuna, Kevin, The Dunning Man
Frankenberg, Kelly, Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride
Gerard, Sarah, Binary Star
Gluth, Mark, No Other
Handler, Daniel, We Are Pirates
Herd, Dale, Empty Pockets
Jakiela, Lori, Belief is its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe
Khalastchi, Daniel, Tradition
Kimzey, Blake, Families Among Us
Laidlaw, Brian, The Stuntman
Lanier, Sooze, The Game We Play
Lavender, Bill, Q
Little, Jacob, Profane
Lonnquist, Carl, The Will of Machines
Martinez, Marisol Limon, Via Dissimulata
Mathys, Ted, Null Set
Meyer, Richard, Orbital Paths
Moore, Andrew, Pawpaw: In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit
Michel, Lincoln, Upright Beasts
Nahm, David Connerley, Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky
Nelms, Joe, The Last Time I Died
Reidy, Dave, The Voiceover Artist
Rohrer, Matthew, Surrounded by Friends
Rombes, Nicholas, The Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing
Ruland, Jim, Forest of Fortune
Twenlow, Nick, Palm Trees
Vatomsky, Sonya, Salt is for Curing
Wensink, Patrick, Fake Fruit Factory
Wiseman, Laura Madeline, Some Fatal Effects
Young, Andy, All Night It is Morning
Zorka, Zoe, Turn Our Eyes Away


Abraham, Daniel, Leviathan Wakes
Abraham, Daniel, The Long-Price Quartet
Anderson, Karin, Breach
Bair, Julene, The Ogallala Road
Beckel, Abby, My Very End of the Universe
Berkson, Bill, Expect Delays
Bernheimer, Kate, How a Mother Weaned Her Girl From Fairy Tales
Bower, Chris, My Very End of the Universe
Burch, Jack, Ghost Burglar
Ceilán, Cynthia, Myths of a Merciful God
Chapman, Margaret, My Very End of the Universe
Cronn-Mills, Kirstin, Beautiful Music for Ugly Children
Farish, Murray, Inappropriate Behavior
Gallagher, Tess, Midnight Lantern
Gladding, Jody, Translations from Bark Beetle
Hocking, Justin, The Great Floodgates of the Wonderworld
Hoffert, Melanie, Prairie Silence
Holland, Tiff, My Very End of the Universe
Howley, Kerry, Thrown
Lutz, Gary, Partial List of People to Bleach
Martinez, David Tomas, Hustle
Mauch, Matt, If You’re Lucky is a Theory of Mine
Merkner, Christopher, The Rise and Fall of the Scandamerican Domestic
Minor, Kyle, Praying Drunk
My Very End of the Universe, parts 1 and 2 (multiple authors)
Ostergaard, Josh, The Devil’s Snake Curve
Pelster, Angela, Limber
Pethybridge, Jeffrey, Striven, The Bright Treatise
Pokrass, Meg, My Very End of the Universe
Robinson, Gregory, All Movies Love the Moon
Scott, Julianna, The Holders
Seabrook, Todd, The Imagination of Lewis Carroll
Shavin, Dana Lise, The Body Tourist
Sikelianos, Eleni, You Animal Machine: The Golden Greek
Shapiro, Aaron, The Lure of the North Woods
Spalding, Lavinia, The Best Women’s Travel Writing
Teel, Aaron, My Very End of the Universe
Vandenberg, Katrina, The Alphabet Not Unlike the World
Westerman, Gwen, Follow the Blackbirds
Woods, John Dermot, The Baltimore Atrocities
Zellar, Brad, House of Coates


Baggott, Julianna, Fuse
Berney, Lou, Whiplash River
Bigalk, Kris, Repeat the Flesh in Numbers
Bill, Frank, Donnybrook
B.J. Best, But Our Princess is in Another Castle
Block, Lawrence, Hit Me
Bowlin, Don, God’s Magnificant Beanfield
Cizak, Alec, Manifesto Destination
Clements, Jeanne, Verbal Education
Davidson, Hilary, Evil in All Its Disguises
Dunne, Elsie, Feed the Mice
Gibson, Dobby, It Becomes You
Gray, Glenn, The Little Boy Inside and Other Stories
Hanel, Rachael, We’ll Be the Last Ones to Let You Down: Memoir of a Gravedigger’s Daughter
Herbach, Geoff, The Fat Boy vs. the Cheerleaders
Hoffman, Crystal, Poetry Pilgrim Project
Hunt, Laird, Kind One
Johnson, T. Geronimo, Hold It ’Til It Hurts
Jones, Stephen Graham, The Last Final Girl
Keaton, David James, Fish Bites Cop! Stories To Bash Authorities
Landvik, Lorna, Mayor of the Universe
Leithauser, Hailey, Swoop
Lourey, Jess, December Dread
Maltman, Thomas, Little Wolves
Matthies, L.A., Surviving Curtis Hall
Nilsson, Jeff, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby Girls
Shin, Sun Yung, Rough, And Savage
Spiegel, Jennifer, Love Slave
Steinberg, Susan, Spectacle
Treuer, Anton, Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask
Weddle, Steve, Country Hardball
Whiteacre, Liz, Hit the Ground
Wiersbitsky, Shannon, The Summer of Hammers & Angels


Adams, S. J., Sparks
Blanski, Tyler, Mud & Poetry
Boehl, Dan, Kings of the F**king Sea
Browning, Sommer, Either Way I’m Celebrating
Bugan, Carmen, Burying the Typewriter
Cohen, Joshua, Four New Messages
Cronn-Mills, Kirstin, Beautiful Music for Ugly Children
Crow, Tracy, Eyes Right: Confessions from a Woman Marine
D’Souza, Tony, Mule
Degner, T.A., My Brave Little Man
Fell, Adam, I Am Not A Pioneer
Fenton, Kevin, Merit Badges
Frank, Mathew Gavin, Pot Farm
Gabbert, Elisa, The French Exit
Garrett-Davis, Josh, Ghost Dances
Gelbwasser, Margie, Pieces of Us
Geye, Peter, The Lighthouse Road
Goodman, Eric, Twelfth & Race
Hagy, Alyson, Boleto
Harrigan, John, Jeeptown Sock Hop
Healy, Nick, It Takes You Over
Heikkila, Kim, Sisterhood of War: Minnesota Women in Vietnam
Herbach, Geoff, Nothing Special
Herbach, Geoff,The Watchmakers
Herschbach, Dennis, Brown Sugar Syrup and Jack Pine Sand
Herschbach, Dennis, Convergence at Two Harbors
Hicks, Dylan, Boarded Windows
Hubbard, Mandy (Amanda Grace), In Too Deep
Hyland, M.C., Neveragainland
Karrow, David and Joseph Butts, The Alpha League
Kovacovic, Milan, Ma’s Dictionary: An Odyssey Through the Social Classes: France, Slovakia, U.S.A.
Krewer, Drew and Andrew Shuta, Ars Warholica
LeBoutillier, Nate, Horse Camp
Lee, Michael Jeffrey, Something in My Eye
Liening, Brad, Ghosts and Dopplegangers
Memmer, Philip, The Storehouses of the Snow
Miller, Wayne, The City, Our City
Minnesota Shorts Play Festival
Nau, Dennis, The Year God Forgot Us
Nealon, Mary Jane, Beautiful Unbroken: One Nurse’s Life
Nodine, Thad, Touch and Go
Pineda, Jon, Sleep In Me
Poochigian, Aaron, The Cosmic Pur
Powell, D.A., Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys
Purpura, Lia, Rough Likeness
Ryan, Matt, Read This Or You’re Dead To Me
Sanders, Ted, No Animals We Could Name
Sarzotti, Jo, Mother Desert
Terrill, Richard, Music and poetry, China twenty years later
Tonelli, Chris, The Trees Around
Vizenor, Gerald, Chair of Tears
Wells, Will, Unsettled Accounts
Wing, Catherine, Gin & Bleach


Ahmed, Dilruba, Dhaka Dust
Anderson, Jessica Lee, Callie
Bar Tales
Beitia, Sara, The Last Good Place of Lily Odilon
Born Yesterday
Boswell, Robert, The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards
Breen, Jenny, Cooking up the Good Life: Creative Recipes for the Family Table
Breining, Greg, Paddle North: Canoeing the Boundary Waters—Quetico Wilderness
Burgess, Matt, Dogfight, A Love Story
Cellucci, Vincent, An Easy Place to Die
Clisbee, David, Botched Heroics
Coffee Shop Tales
Davis, Rebecca Fjelland, Chasing Alliecat
Dickey, Colin, cranioklepty
Gelbwasser, Margie, Inconvenient
Gessner, David, My Green Manifesto
Grange, Kevin, Beneath Blossom Rain
Hanel, Rachael, We’ll Be The Last Ones to Let You Down
Healey, Steve, 10 Mississippi, and Earthling
Heathcock, Alan, Volt
Herbach, Geoff, KMSU’s Tales from the Poorhouse, The Miracle Letters of T. Rimberg, and Stupid Fast
Jonell, Lynne, Emmy and the Rats in the Belfry
Kysar, Kathryn, Pretend the World
Lemer, Bronson, The Last Deployment: How a Gay, Hammer-Swinging Twentysomething Survived a Year in Iraq
Marks, Susan, In the Mood for Munsingwear
Mauch, Matt, Prayer Book
MFA Creative Writing Showcase
Miller, Connie, Bodywearers
Minnesota Shorts Play Festival
Mockett, Marie Mutsuki, Picking Bones from Ash
Moore, Jim, Invisible Strings
More Than Writing Conference
O’Connor, Sheila, Sparrow Road
Postcard Press
Rasmussen, Rebecca, The Bird Sisters
Ray, Shann, American Masculine
Roesch, Mattox, Sometimes we’re aways real same-same
Ross, Arra Lynn, Seedlip and Sweet Apple
Schindler, Holly, Playing Hurt
Smith, Thomas R., Wisconsin Spring and The Foot of the Rainbow
Sosin, Danielle, Garden Primitives and The Long-Shining Waters
Staples, Catherine, Never a Note Forfeit
Stonich, Sarah, Shelter
Weaver, Will, The Last Hunter: An American Family Album
Westhoff, Ben, Dirty South
Wheeler, Jacob, Between Light and Shadow: A Guatemalan Girl’s Journey Through Adoption
Wilson, Diane, Beloved Child: A Dakota Way of Life
Wisenberg, Sandi, The Adventures of Cancer Bitch


Almond, Steve, Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life
Avasthi, Swati, Split
Beavan, Colin, No Impact Man
Black, Candace, Casa Marina
Blue Earth Review
Branton, Dhana-Marie, Race, class, and gender
Brown, Aaron, Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range
Coy, John, Young adult expectations
Cremer, Andrea, Nightshade
CutBank Literary Journal
Darst, Lightsey, Find the Girl
Dylan Days Festival
Eighmey, Rae, Food Will Win the War
Evil Dead:The Musical
Galle, Bart, Everything Is True at Once
Geye, Peter, Safe from the Sea
Grover, Linda Legarde, The Dance Boots
Hansel, Patrick Cabello, Poetry, religion, and political activism
Hatch, Warren Scott, Mapping the Bones of the World
Healy, Nick, “Uncle Ed’s Packard”
Herbach, GeoffSuicide Letter Naratives and young adult fiction
Hewett, Greg, darkacre
Joseph, Diana, I’m Sorry You Feel That Way
Kanner, Rebecca, Excerpts and discussion on her writings about her brother’s return from Iraq
Koutsky, Linda, Minnesota State Fair: An Illustrated History
Kyle, Aryn, Boys and Girls Like You and Me
Marty, Gayla, Memory of Trees: A Daughter’s Story of a Family Farm
Meier, Peg, Wishing for a Snow Day
Minnesota Shorts Play Festival
Minnesota Shorts Play Festival, Take Two!
Morales, Aaron Michael, Drowning Tucson
Nelsestuen, Rodney, Settings and nonfiction
Nowak, Mark, Coal Mountain Elementary
Power, Nani, Ginger and Ganesh
Reimringer, John, Vestments
Rooney, Kathleen, For You, For You I am Trilling These Songs
Rough, Bonnie, Carrier: Untangling the Danger in my DNA
Sheffer, Roger, Rooster Hill Press
Sutphen, Joyce, First Words
Terrill, Richard, Almost Dark
Tomasulo, Daniel, Confessions of a Former Child: A Therapist’s Memoir
Wingerd, Mary Lethert, North Country: The Making of Minnesota